It’s official. This episode has made SHRINKING my favorite sitcom on the air right now that’s not called TED LASSO. And since it’s from Brett Goldstein and Bill Lawrence, with a Jason Segal thrown in, it’s not surprising to see why.

This week’s episode was by far the funniest the series has produced so far. While I loved the first three episodes of the series, I will admit there was a tinge more drama than comedy since we were introducing characters with issues, along with their issues. And that was smart. Because in a few short episodes, we’ve become endeared to all of them and engrossed with their relationships with one another.

So now that all this has been established, it’s time to really let the character-driven comedy fly, and the actors are all game to play. Where else are you going to be able to see a curmudgeon like Harrison Ford belt out Sugar Ray (complete with some dance moves)? Between that and Jason Segal jumping on a trampoline while threatening a college kid, you have the makings of a series that has surpassed even ABBOT ELEMENTARY in terms of genuinely truly funny moments.

More than that though, SHRINKING has made it so that we care about what happens to these characters. There’s a heart to this show that allows us to relate to the conflicts and challenges to one another. Even when a character does something kind of terrible, we can sympathize or empathize with them because, ultimately, everyone’s points are valid. But you also root for their ultimate self-awareness and improvement, which the show understands, won’t be instantaneous. And that, in some ways, makes the show even more human than a juggernaut like TED LASSO.

But that being said, I can’t remember the last time I laughed at a sitcom episode as hard as I did this week’s episode, which was courtesy of former PARKS AND RECREATION veteran Rachna Fruchbom.

If you have not jumped onto the SHRINKING train yet, now is the perfect opportunity to do yourself a favor and check it out now!

Mike Manalo

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