If you’ve been reading our SHE-HULK reviews at all, you probably know that my colleagues here at SPOILERFREEREVIEWS.COM are not enjoying it like I am. So when it was my turn to review the season finale, I was…am glad that the job was falling to someone who wasn’t going to hate on it. This isn’t toxic positivity either; I have genuine critiques. But SHE-HULK was a lot of fun, and I’m hopeful for seasons and movies to come.ย 

When the show premiered, I didn’t like Jennifer Walters breaking the 4th wall. As the season progressed, my feelings about this stayed the same. I learned through friends that it’s something that originated in various runs of the comic, like those from John Byrne. When it’s time for Jennifer to do that in WHOSE SHOW IS THIS, the writers take it a few steps further. When SHE-HULK breaks the 4th wall here, it is FANTASTIC. But… it doesn’t pay off on what it’s set out to do. Instead, the story snaps back to where it was and is wrapped up in a messy rush. And while I know SHE-HULK will return in Marvel phases 4,5,6, whatever, I felt left with questions that I’m sure will never get answered. In the grand scheme of the ever-expanding MCU, they probably don’t matter, but they were still essential pieces of this 9-episode story arc.ย 

Jennifer Walters is a successful lawyer. She’s educated, has a supportive family, lives in a lovely home, has a fantastic best friend, is fit, good-looking, and is an incredible Hulk! But her love life, her work life, her social lifeโ€ฆ They’re not going very well. She has relatable personal drama while still being inspirational. In short, she’s the perfect superheroine protagonist. If you’ve ever ventured into online dating, you’ve probably shared some of the same dating woes. Tatiana Maslany is incredible in casting. And let’s give it up for the short girls. Watching Walters transform between herself and She-Hulk feels more intense than having a much taller actress play the part.ย 

SHE-HULKย  has many great things going for it, but it feels like a small step down from MS. MARVEL. I hate comparing the two because I immensely enjoyed both shows, and we’ve had so little woman-fronted content from Marvel Studios. Season 1 of SHE-HULK felt rushed at times. This series could have used 10-12 episodes. I still have so many questions about Titania, among others, but at least she’ll be back again, right Right, KEVIN?!

SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW Season 1 is now streaming in full on DisneyPlus. 

Jami Losurdo

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