The combo of inspired MARIO GALAXY like background design by legendary Glen Keane and the heartfelt voice acting send OVER THE MOON into orbit, it’s just a shame that the flat musical numbers and poor story structure don’t let it truly defy gravity.

OVER THE MOON’s celebration of Chinese culture and breathtaking food animation that audiences can virtually taste make it deserve the biggest viewing experience possible…but please be COVID safe. 😷

Side note: Here is a quote on COVID from Glen Keane in an interview by Brad “IRON GIANT” Bird that perfectly captures loss depicted in the film:

“I just wish life would go back to the way it was. You don’t go back, you come out the other side. Richer, fuller, stronger. I want to live creatively without walls. I want to be able to just connect creatively with everyone in the world. I have a feeling that what we are going too experience is a window to the world because of this – and I am going to lean into that.”

From his character design on all the Disney Classics, Kobe Bryant’s Oscar winning short and now OVER THE MOON – I cannot wait to see what Glen Keane leans into create next.

It is available for blast off on Netflix.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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