ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING is a master class of zingers and zaniness. The dynamic duo of Steve Martin and Martin Short find themselves going for a quick drive to Jersey, by way of Long Island. The journey is both entertaining and hilarious. 

This episode is filled with the realization that everyone lies, which leads to twists and surprises along the way. Who really is this person, Mabel (Selina Gomez) and why is the tie-dye guy hanging around? Oh, I wish I could say more, but I won’t be the one to explain such jewels as:

 “That was my prednisone year and I was really fat!” or singing along to “Saggy bottom balls in Sag Harbor.” The ease and lightning speed banter is priceless. 

ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING is forcing all of us to “drop what we are feeling and think about what we know.” This is the road to solving this crazy, murder mystery. I won’t ask “Are we there yet?” because I don’t want this trip to end anytime soon. 

ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING is available to stream on Hulu. 

Esta Rosevear

Esta Rosevear has been a Theatre Arts teacher and director for 35+ years, published Children’s author of the Rebecca series, and is passionate about playing her violin, walking, gardening, and reading murder mysteries.

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