This week’s penultimate episode should’ve been titled KLEENEX BOX instead of JUICE BOX because you’ll be crying at the closure Poppy and Ian finally discover. Heck, it only took a medical emergency to get these two to air their grievances. And when they do, it once again proves this top-notch show is so much more than a workplace comedy.

Comedy’s what’s been missing the most in the last three episodes. From D.W. Longbottom’s BACKSTORY and resolution and now Poppy/Ian, the series has wisely grown into a more mature grown-up story. I love it for this. People misbehaving at work has been played out. So why not try for something new? And man, MYTHIC QUEST does just that. It continues to have more heart and less attack as it approaches the finale of their Emmy-worthy season 2.

Ian and Poppy’s rekindling of their “Rainbow Connection” makes for a perfect 30 minutes of must-watch Apple TV+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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