Ahead of Aamir’s wedding, Kamala may face grave consequences due to a crucial decision she makes.


IMAN VELLANI- Because so much of this show hangs on every word and action of Vellani, it’s nearly impossible not to give this award to her every single solitary week. She is easy to root for and fun to follow. The casting of Vellani is the latest in a series of absolute spot on casting decisions on behalf of the MCU. Somehow, the MCU always finds the person who seems like strange casting at first but then becomes such a memorable character in this universe.

In some cases, the actor they cast is so good that it becomes impossible to imagine that character NOT being played by that actor. Vellani is well on her way to being one of those kind of actors in the MCU.


THE KITCHEN / BALLROOM SEQUENCE- One thing that this show has established very well is that Kamala is a 16-year-old girl who’s never been in a fight in her life. Just because she’s got some new abilities doesn’t necessarily mean she’s downloaded the Kung Fu program like Neo in THE MATRIX.

Everything involving the Clandestines pursuit of her in the kitchen and following rumble in the ballroom is Kamala very much playing defense. In lesser TV shows/movies, you would see the protagonist laying all sorts of smackdowns in such situations even though there’s no explanation as to where they got the ability to layeth such smackdowns.

We are three episodes into this series, Kamala remains rather petrified and thoroughly overwhelmed by her new position… and believe it or not, that is refreshing.

THE DDOC SITUATION- I found it somewhat strange that in last week’s episode, the Department of Damage Control narrowed its search of the identity of “Night Light” to the mosque with very little explanation of how they came to that conclusion. By them deliberately disrespecting the sanctity of the building not only by wearing shoes on the carpets but trying to attempt an illegal search without a warrant… it was rather satisfying to see Nakia send them packing with legit legal jargon that she saw from a LAW AND ORDER rerun.


THE CLANDESTINES (Part 1) -The first scene we see with the Clandestines and Kamala is so nice. One of the more charming scenes in a show that has been chopped full of charm.

And then, for some reason, the next time we see them together, they are a ravenously murderous group of people who are willing to kill Kamala to get her bangle. The same bangle that Kamala pretty much offered to them IN THE FIRST F******* SCENE OF THIS EPISODE. A scene in which it is explained that KAMALA is the one that’s going to have to get them home. Apparently that doesn’t seem to be true if you’re bringing out magical weapons in order to destroy this little girl towards the end of this episode.

THE CLANDESTINES (part 2)- So why are you so upset, Najma? You seem upset because you’ve been waiting too long for Kamala to help you. But in the opening scene, you didn’t even stress the matter of time being so important.

You’ve not contacted Kamala in any particular way between the first time we see you and the time we see you at the 27-minute mark of this episode. That dull teenage boy Kamran has been texting her, sure, but for something that seems to have such importance, you’ve not been making direct contact. Weird. Furthermore, Kamran explains that jumping the gun and trying to get Kamala to help WITHOUT HER BEING READY TO DO SO is flat out dangerous. A fact that you flat out agree with without hesitation. What in the actual f*** is the plan here?

Every MCU show tends to have a “final boss/group” at the end of the season. Boy, I hope the climactic showdown of this show isn’t with this group. Hopefully, they work for somebody else much more nefarious that may have more reasoning for being evil that can make up for the absolute messiness of the Clandestines. This is a six-episode miniseries, and we are halfway through. I know I’m asking for a lot, but please have somebody else show up.


Clandestine BS aside, this was a very enjoyable episode. These episodes have covered a lot of ground so far, and this episode particularly had a lot of elucidation. Perhaps too much. But still overall pretty good.  

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