MOON KNIGHT’s fifth episode is my favorite episode yet. I’ve said this before, and I’ll repeat it, but I love how different MOON KNIGHT feels from other MCU content – to the point that I was mildly surprised when the “Marvel Studios” title card played.

We’ve seen Marc and Steven interact before, but ASYLUM employs a brilliant strategy to illustrate their relationship. This episode is also visually stunning, cleverly depicting its setting in a way that seems delightfully surreal.

My only concern is that next week’s finale won’t be able to tie all of our loose ends together – but frankly, I trust the process. We didn’t necessarily get any huge MCU-world-changing zingers in this penultimate installment, but I don’t feel disappointed by the series’ progression. Of course, I expect to see a lot of MOON KNIGHT himself next episode, so I’m glad we saw such a broad spectrum of Oscar Isaac’s acting ability.

MOON KNIGHT Season 1 Episode 5 is available on Disney+ now.

Tarush Mohanti

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