I didn’t grow up with MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. So if this series “ruined your childhood” to the point where you decided to review bomb it just because you hate it since it’s a female-led series, I can’t sympathize with you. I enjoyed it highly.

I respect Kevin Smith, who you can’t deny is a fellow fan like you. And I thought it was clever of him to subvert expectations. And because of that, I think this series benefits a lot from those changes, whether or not the dedicated fandom of haters agrees. It keeps things unpredictable and exciting.

I think when creators have a deep knowledge of the material (which Smith clearly does) and decide to take well-informed liberties with it to tell their own compelling story, that story is worthy of an open mind, which is an impossibility on the Internet for many. But if you approach such an endeavor with an open mind, you will see boldness, excitement, beautiful animation, and rich mythology right in front of you the whole time. And I think MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVELATION is an embodiment of that spirit. It sucks you into the mythology of Eternia. It develops the characters and evolves them beyond the static stereotypical good and evil characters from the original. And tells a rich and brave story that leaves you wanting more by the end of it.

If you’re too set in the idea that something 40 years after your childhood has to be exactly the way it was when you were 6, I frankly feel sorry for you because you’re missing out on a breezy, exciting, dynamic return to the world of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.


Mike Manalo

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