Sometimes you take a chance on Valentine’s Day released movies. With MARRY ME, I came in with very low expectations.

Like every Jennifer Lopez movie, it features just one person – her. That’s it. I still do not know why I continued to watch it.

The movie ensured audiences knew who their sponsors were, such as Coach, Guess, Vitamix, and Jennifer Lopez songs you can find on Spotify and Apple Music right after the movie drops on Peacock!?!? So while you are trying to figure out what Peacock is, I will continue to explain why this movie is a hard pass.

You have famous singer Jennifer… I mean Kat, who is suffering from Jennifer Lopez-like problems. You then have the boring teacher Charlie (played by Owen Wilson), who has a weirdly huge flat for being a teacher in downtown Brooklyn. Charlie naturally isn’t a fan of her stardom and anything social media-related. They magically meet at her concert. Why? Because Jennifer Lopez loves to put dance numbers in all her movies.

So you are sitting there watching this very awkward acting with Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez… they just had zero chemistry together on the screen!

Audiences are subjected to two hours of painfully predictable romance cliches, Jennifer Lopez songs, dance numbers, and bad joke-cracking sidekicks Colin (John Bradley) and Parker (Sarah Silverman).

MARRY ME is now playing in theatres and on Peacock. I guess if you are a massive Jennifer Lopez fan, you will enjoy it?

Vanessa Szajnberg

Cloud manipulator, F1 enthusiast, and S.H.I.E.L.D. recruited.

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