Prepare to meet the animated Antichrist.

LITTLE DEMON is the unholy brainchild of comedic creators Darcy Fowler, Seth Kirschner, and Kieran Valla. After an attention-grabbing prologue sequence, the story begins as Christina (AKA Chrissy, voiced by Lucy DeVitoโ€”of the Danny DeVitos) and her mother Laura (Aubrey Plaza) settle into yet another new suburban home. After being dropped off at her new school, Crissy unexpectedly has her first period, summoning a destructive hell-mouth in the sky, and, honestly, all hell breaks loose. It turns out her deadbeat father is Satan himself (voiced by none other than Lucy’s real-life dad, Mr. DeVito), and her mother has been running from him since Chrissy’s birth. Now, Laura (in a fun nod to Sarah Connor in T2: JUDGEMENT DAY) must keep her daughter safe from the devils’ clutches and an even more sinister entity: the Catholic Church.

This show is bonkers. With winks at HELLRAISER, THE OMEN, and various other heretical, scary classics, it’s aiming at a target audience of horror fans, liberal hipsters, and stoners, hitting the mark with mass amounts of gore, devilish imagery, nudity, and vulgar language. I loved it. Every TV season, we get a handful of hit-or-miss (mostly miss) animated shows, all vying to be the next FAMILY GUY, AMERICAN DAD, or BIG MOUTH. I fully believe LITTLE DEMON has the potential to fill that position if given a chance.

The animation is nothing we haven’t seen before, but the content and plot are original and funโ€ฆif you’re into this sort of thing. Because of its subject matter and visuals, when it first started, I found myself wishing it were live-action. Still, I soon realized it could never get away with over half of the shenanigans it pulls off in any other style but animation. It reminds me of a more cohesive, less manic version of Adult Swim’s MR. PICKLES.

The voice acting is solid. Plaza (known for her perfect dead-pan delivery) is much livelier than usual here but still able to showcase her dark sense of humor. Scenes between Chrissy and Daddy Satan are already funny, but even more so once you realize they are real-life father and daughter.

I’m excited to see what comes from this series if nothing more than a weekly half-hour sacrilegious laugh. It has strong potential if it can find its audience and not get canceled too soon.

LITTLE DEMON is available to stream on HULU/FXX.

Ricky J Duarte

[He/him/his] Ricky is an actor, singer, and writer in New York City. He gets excited about theme parks, Disney villains, and watching horror movies with his cat, and is in constant search of the best taco truck in NYC.

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