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Vince Vaughn (As Cassie) – If there is any comedic actor on this planet that has long gone unappreciated, it is indeed Vincent Anthony Vaughn. Think about how many comedic legends have stood the test of time. Guys like Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, and Will Ferrell have lasted way longer than Vaughn, and he should indefinitely be in that type of company. The drop-off in his career to the point where he seems more like a relic than anything that can be considered legendary is an absolute f****** shame.

I say that because his performance in this film is the funniest he has been since one of his many underrated funny movies, THE DILEMMA that came out in 2011. This film takes flight when he gets to chew up scenery playing the personality of the bubbly, somewhat air-headed teenage girl with whom he has swapped spirits. It’s about as physical of a comedic performance as Vaughn as ever, and there are scenes where he’s really going for the gusto. Him, as the psychotic killer, works less effectively, but thankfully there’s not a lot of screen time for that. Vince Vaughn effortlessly carries this movie just like the other truly great comedic actors can do. Just like he has many times before.

Katherine Newton (As the Blissfield Killer) – Somehow, this movie manages to take little Kathryn Newton and make her more effective as a rampaging serial killer than the 6’4, 200, and something pound Vince Vaughn. When the Blissfield killer (in Cassie’s body) does begin rampaging, the movie does very well in portraying it as a formidable obstacle to overcome. As silly as that sounds, at this point, horror fans have seen children and toy dolls have serious formidability when it comes to rampaging horror villains, so Newton’s performance in this film shouldn’t be seen as something too ridiculous, right?


Cassie (As herself) – Every aspect of the story surrounding Newton’s version of Cassie is flat-out bad. And they do the thing that I really hate when it comes to portraying high school stories: they want the audience to believe that a woman who looks like Catherine Newton deserves a makeover. She is somehow so ugly and uncool that boys in high school are bullying someone like her. Oh, and the makeover she supposedly needs would be slightly more makeup and no glasses.


Nothing really.


I got to be honest here, I do have a sentimental attachment to this film. I saw this film and what I like to call a “pandemic sellout” show at the AMC 30 in Orange county. Everything in Los Angeles county was shut down and in some cases, completely boarded up. (Unfortunately, some of those remain boarded to this day).

There weren’t a lot of people in that auditorium whatsoever. But it felt like it was a packed house. FREAKY was a good movie at the right time. It satiated the horror fans with good kills, and it was genuinely funny. 

If it didn’t come out mid-pandemic, I have a feeling it would have made more money. It’s good. Give it a chance if you haven’t already.

FREAKY is available on all VOD platforms.

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