Season 2 continues to find the “best-laid plans” in having a narrative that audiences will care about. It’s fun to watch the Russians and U.S. astronauts drink at the Outpost, but having drinks at a bar with comrades isn’t enough to fill an entire episode.

It’s encouraging to see a continued highlight of the grief parents face with the loss of a child. Rather than just have this be a one time incident in season 1, the layers of loss keep coming up for the Baldwins in emotionally impactful ways. This week it’s through college applications and the why behind adopting their daughter.

I will continue to watch FOR ALL MANKIND until the end of season 2, but if something astronomical doesn’t happen soon, this will be the second show on Apple TV+ I abandon before completing it (looking at you, SERVANT).

The latest episode is available to stream on Apple TV+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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