GaTa and Dave are racing against time to get Rick Ross’s chain back after being mugged.



For a bunch of different reasons, GaTa has been my favorite character on the show. Given how much Dave’s status has risen since season 2, it is inexplicable how GaTa’s status hasn’t risen up at all, given that they performed at the VMAs together. Even still, throughout these last three episodes, Gator hasn’t had the hostility for Dave that he did at the end of the previous season, and in this episode, he once again proves that he’s the most valuable person in Dave’s life.

He also might be the smartest person on the show, low-key. As shown by his plan to get the chain back and the quick realization of the robbery setup itself, his intuitive convictions rarely turn out to be incorrect. It’s one of the many character strengths that GaTa has always had.



Amidst the hundreds of rumors that have gone on about Usher as of this point in his career, there have been rumors of physical altercations between him and the likes of Bobby Brown and The Weeknd. There’s also the rumor that he got into a big brawl in Miami on New Year’s Eve, 2014. I mention these because whenever I hear about physical altercations involving this man, I’m just kind of like…

In this particular episode, Raymond is playing a tough guy version of himself, and I couldn’t help but laugh audibly. Not because I don’t think the man can fight or anything like that…

But…..like…it’s Usher… Do you know what I’m saying? His getting hostile in any way just looks hilarious.


The feature that Dave gives to the men who ended up robbing him is a pretty mid-tier Dave song. Last week’s song was far superior, but this one wasn’t bad.


The most touching aspects of this show often have to deal with Dave and GaTa’s friendship. Dave is a character that gets so lost in his narcissism that he drowns out his friends most of the time. So it is awfully gratifying to see when he uses the influence that he has had since the middle of season 2 or so for the greater good.

The final scene between Rick Ross and GaTa is a very gratifying one if you’ve been following the show from the beginning.


“You know how many people said I was a dancy-dancing, chicken noodle soup eating ass mother f*****? You ain’t never hear them say that s*** twice…. I promise you.


Like, seriously USHER RAYMOND actually says that line with a dead serious expression. How do you expect me not to laugh??



One thing this show does not do well is cut to subplots within one episode. The show doesn’t have the time to dedicate to secondary storylines in it’s 25 or so minutes that it has every week. This show takes an episode or two each season to focus on its side characters.

Those episodes are very welcome when they come along. Storylines of the secondary characters should be saved for those episodes whenever they appear. The one scene they do include here is very out of place and belongs in another episode.


DAVE is a show that doesn’t really have a lot of bad episodes, in my humble opinion. There are quite a few episodes that are absolute home runs. There are two episodes that I feel are absolute grand slams…. and then the rest are very average. Consistently average but average nonetheless. This counts as one as those. Not a complaint, but it is what it is. Average.

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