"I don't like a purposeless walk. Walking is a secondary activity."

The latest CURB made up for not being as elaborately plotted as E2 ANGEL MUFFIN by packing the funny up to “stage four” hilarity. However, you might be disappointed if you watch CURB to see how the creators can tie everything together by the end credits. But, if you watch this show for comedy, you will leave with a 😂 .

The main hijinks involve Larry and Barry (Patton Oswalt), proving “the bigger the lie, the more likely people believe it.” Elsewhere we learn that Larry is “door deaf,” meaning he doesn’t know when he slams a door. But he does earn points for knowing how to be a good middle. Middling is the art of going to a dinner party, sitting in the middle, and carrying the conversation from one end of the table to the other.

The “middling” dinner party sequence with Cousin Andy (Richard Kind), Freddy Funkhouser (Vince Vaughn), and Larry’s business manager Harry Baskin (Patton Oswalt) is the standout of tonight’s episode. Oh, and I would gladly ruin my appetite for that dinner party and miss a hot dog eating contest the next day.

It’s available on HBO Max.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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