CRISIS is a riveting three-story narrative about the Opioid crisis that tells some familiar stories but in sharply paced manner supported by outstanding lead actors. Armie Hammer plays an undercover DEA agent working to bust one of the largest Opioid manufacturers in Canada. Gary Oldman is a professor and drug researcher that uncovers troubling test results with a new painkiller promised to be non-addictive. And Evangeline Lily plays a mother whose son is unwittingly caught up in the Opioid epidemic and murdered, unleashing her fury on everyone even remotely involved in his death.

Writer/Director Nicholas Jarecki tightly weaves the three stories aided by super-sharp editing by Duff Smith, spot-on cinematography by Nicolas Bolduc and a truly-mesmerizing original score by Raphael Reed. This highly polished crime drama will inevitably be compared to TRAFFIC but stands on its own merit as a finely tuned thriller.

In theaters on Feb. 26, CRISIS offers a riveting three-story narrative on the Opioid crisis with outstanding performances and sharp directing.

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