After becoming the prime suspect in multiple murders, Fletch strives to prove his innocence while simultaneously searching for his fiancรฉ’s stolen art collection.


JON HAMM- Is Jon Hamm underrated? That’s the question I couldn’t help but ask myself throughout watching this film. I grew up on the Fletch movies, and although I never really thought that Chevy Chase’s original performance couldn’t be eclipsed, Jon Hamm wasn’t the first guy in mind to be the on-screen successor.

As it turns out, Hamm is perfectly cast. He is pretty funny, and his comic timing is excellent. This is a character that I wish he would play a lot more often. In fact, this is a genre that I hope Hamm explores a lot more in the future.

ALL OF THE OKAY THINGS- Once upon a time, Kevin Smith was on board to make a remake of Fletch. The more I think about that at length, the more I realize that this movie would have benefited a lot more from a director like him, or at least one with a comedic style that the typical moviegoer is familiar with. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that this movie gets things wrong.

The performances, the punchlines, and the storyline are all the very definition of okay. Everything involving the aesthetic style of the movie is very vanilla, and believe it or not, that is not a problem. It’s better than having a whole bunch of things go wrong.


My main complaint with this film is that there isn’t enough of it.

I don’t say that to imply that there are so many great things about it that I needed this to be an hour and a half longer or anything like that. Instead, this movie feels like the first episode of a really good miniseries, or even perhaps a full-blown television show. This is a movie with interesting secondary characters that show up for maybe one scene and never return, no real presence of a true villain, a real love story, or fleshed-out characters…and very much includes the story’s protagonist. Enough stuff is exciting, but with the running time of a film, we don’t have time to fall in love with anything.


Nothing. This is very much a movie that you can watch while on an exercise bike at the gym. I say that as endearingly as I possibly can.


So many movies are streaming exclusives that should be playing in movie theaters right now. (Prey, Samaritan, The Gray Man) and then there are some that should not be. Though that may sound like a negative thing to say about this movie, it really isn’t. It’s the kind of comedy you watch sitting back on your couch having a beer.

Is that such a negative thing to say?

Confess, Fletch is streaming on Paramount+ and is in theaters now.

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