BODIES BODIES BODIES was destined to be this summer’s hottest new slasher flick; Charli XCX ordained it.

The success of murder mysteries often depends entirely on the cast of suspects. What would KNIVES OUT be without Toni Collette or Jamie Lee Curtis? In BODIES BODIES BODIES, Chase Sui Wonders, Rachel Sennott, and Pete Davidson deliver hilarious performances. While Wonders’ was expected after her stand-out role in GENERATION, Sennott’s and Davidson’s were a pleasant surprise.

The final twist felt cheap and borderline unsatisfying. Still, it ultimately fit the tone of the film, and at least it was unique enough to help BODIES BODIES BODIES stand out against other similarly-themed Gen Z horror films like FEAR STREET.

Finally, BODIES BODIES BODIES proves that hyperpop is the perfect soundtrack for murder. Rich twenty-somethings making TikToks and getting murdered, as Daddy AF by Slayyyter plays in the background, represents a new level of unhinged sardonicism that makes BODIES BODIES BODIES wildly entertaining.

Tavish Mohanti

Tavish Mohanti is a student at UCLA passionate about food, film, and journalism who hopes to one day write comedy like Taika Waititi. His mutts are the loves of my life.

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