“Now this is a story, all about how/
A classic sitcom got turned upside-down/
And I’d like to take a minute to sit and confess/
I don’t get how THE FRESH PRINCE got turned into this mess/

In 1990, the first one was made/
Will Smith became a star and got hella paid/
Goofing off, laughing, looking all cool/
With Carlton, Ashley, and Uncle Phil too/

But a couple of decades, and the show was rebooted/
Melodrama everywhere, and very convoluted/
We got one viral video, and NBC said/
Yo, let’s put this stupid crap on failing Peacock instead/

I whistled for a clue, but no one was there/
The critics said the acting wasn’t bad in BEL AIR/
And while with that aspect, I had to agree,/
The point of the show was still lost on me./

I saw just the first episode, but that was it/
There wasn’t much more through which I could sit,/
Looked at my watch, and there was one hour gone,/
Man, this should have stayed on YouTube, where it belongs”

BEL-AIR is streaming now on Peacock

Mike Manalo

Born a Slytherin. Baptized into Marvel. Bitten by a Radioactive DC fan. And raised a Jedi, Mike Manalo is a silent guardian, a watchful protector… a Dark Nerd!

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