Stellan Skarsgård in ANDOR.

While last week’s ANDOR focused on big scenes and big action, the penultimate episode is all about small, but no less important, moments. DAUGHTER OF FERRIX takes a break from the action to check in on the rest of the supporting cast. Luthen, Mon, Vel & Cinta, Bix, Syril, Brasso. Even Leida gets her moment – let’s talk about her for a minute.

I grew up with a wonderfully bright and kind girl, now a woman, named Leida. She was the only person I knew with that name, and as the years have gone by, I haven’t met another. Mon Mothma’s daughter, Leida (Bronte Carmichael), is also very smart but also, like many teenagers, distrusts her mother. On the surface, it may seem they are very different, but this episode shows how very much alike they are. Reserved, clever, well-spoken, and both victims of pageantry and protocols. Whether it’s following Chandrila customs for young women or the formalities of the Galactic Senate, both Leida and her mother are active participants. Why does this matter? Because it’s just another complex layer that ANDOR’s creators have given to the characters. I can only imagine that at some point, Mon may need to choose between her dedication to the Rebels and that to her family. 

Syril, Luthen, Bix, Vel, Cinta, Dedra, Cassian, and others all have important story beats in DAUGHTER OF FERRIX, which seems to be a nod to both Maarva and Bix. I’ve had discussions with friends about how Syril may be the hero of his own journey, but I believe this is true of each of our characters. Each is a piece within the Rebellion or the Empire, but the puzzle of how they directly affect the future events of ROGUE ONE and the original STAR WARS trilogy is not yet complete. 

The Season 1 finale of ANDOR streams Wednesday on Disney+.

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