Now THIS is how to do it! WHAT IF…ULTRON WON finally gives us a real story to give a damn about!

Gone are the stupid episodic silly episodes, like “hey what if Thor was a moron” or “what if Killmonger killed everyone.” This episode of What If brings everyone into the fold. And I mean everyone. I have a feeling that the next few episodes will reveal how this series fits into the greater MCU, since we have been told this is canon. And if the consequences from tonight’s episode cross over at all with the live-action films, I will be even happier.

The action is good and the actions our unexpected central heroes take is incredibly interesting. But then the narrative takes a complete hairpin turn and evolves into a story that we would not have expected at all, and one with dramatic consequences that alter everything we’ve seen so far. In short, midway through this episode is a game changing moment. And concluding this episode is another game changing moment that makes you understand why some of the instances that came before this episode are in fact necessary. That the whole time there was a grander scale and purpose to the entire series (even if the last two episodes were the worst pieces of content the MCU has ever produced).

Exciting, fast paced, and filled to the brim with real stakes! This episode had it all. The only issue with it is how late it came into this series, which as more or less felt expendable.

That being said, I won’t dare to go into any details because the less you know and the less you expect, the better the episode is. So forgive how dramatically cryptic and sparse on details this review is. Suffice it to say, if there’s a theme for the episode, it’s that there comes a moment where sitting and watching on the sidelines no longer becomes an option.

I’ll leave it at that! Enjoy the surprises to come.

The latest episode of WHAT IF is now streaming on Disney +. You absolutely won’t want to miss it!

Mike Manalo

Born a Slytherin. Baptized into Marvel. Bitten by a Radioactive DC fan. And raised a Jedi, Mike Manalo is a silent guardian, a watchful protector… a Dark Nerd!

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