Damn it feels good to have this type of high caliber writing on TV again. This week’s installment of THE NEVERS ups the stakes again with a lot of humor and a lot of shocks.

Not much I can say without giving things away. I’ve fully accepted the fact that I love and care about these characters already, and all that was done effortlessly in the span of these 3 episodes. This one in particular starts out with a relatively funny scene that feels like it’s going to go one way, then subverts into something admittedly silly but still funny. And it’s because the show is blissfully aware that as the episode continues, we needed that lightness because it aims to conclude with emotional beats that rip your heart out of your butt! In between we get more revelations and a lot of great action, particularly a very cool fight that plays with water. The sense of danger and suspense, given how fond you’ve gotten of these characters, always feels high and always keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Not many shows or showrunners are capable of finding this balance, but I can frankly and honestly say that the ones behind THE NEVERS know exactly what I’m looking for in a series, and understand how to keep stakes high and keep you invested. And I’ve honestly missed this type of storytelling on TV for quite some time. Here’s looking forward to next week. In the meantime, this one may leave you shocked! Bring tissues.

Episode 3 of THE NEVERS is now on HBO Max.

Mike Manalo

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