THE MORNING SHOW has been hit-or-miss, but mostly miss for me since the misguided season two. After seeing how S2 ended, I wanted to quit this show, but here I am, on rotation, reviewing it again. 🙈

In S2, there was only one episode of TMS that worked. And that was E8 – CONFIRMATIONS. After viewing it, I wrote – “Simply stated, it’s because this episode captured breaking news!” In WHITE NOISE, audiences are treated to the best episode since CONFIRMATIONS, thanks to a news show actually featuring the news. 

Despite saying I’m not going to watch it anymore, what keeps me returning to TMS is the hope that it will mirror Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue ala THE NEWSROOM and avoid soap opera antics. For the most part, WHITE NOISE achieves just that. And really, that’s all that I’m asking for. I could care less about the star-studded cast and big budgets. I’m here for the tension-based news. Sadly, I know this show will return to its soap opera antics in the coming weeks, and I’ll strangely continue watching it with my love/hate relationship. 

The latest episode is available to stream on Apple TV+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

Aaron Goldstein is a Product Manager by day, ludicrous speed content consumer by night. He’s a LA Film School Alumni and TV Academy / Producers Guild of America member. Aaron is a proud parent and dad joke enthusiast.

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