Producers have a saying โ€“ โ€œThe money is on the screen!โ€. And that is certainly the case with this Sci-Fi thriller. A top-notch cast led and directed by George Clooney, with lavish production design, THE MIDNIGHT SKY tells the story of spaceship returning to an Earth destroyed, after its astronauts discover and survey a livable moon of Jupiter. Clooney, stationed at the Arctic Circle, must trek to a more powerful antenna station to warn the returning astronauts to turn around. The problem is the script โ€“ little feels original in this story based on the novel, โ€œGood Morning, Midnightโ€. Also, the pacing, like the Arctic, is mostly glacier.

I will probably say this till I am blue in the face (no Arctic pun intended) but inside this two-hour movie is an 80-minute thriller trying to get out.

Available now on NETFLIX.

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