I have never been this invested in a show this much since peak GAME OF THRONES.

I have never been this invested in STAR WARS this much since my first viewing of the original trilogy when I was 8.

THE MANDALORIAN SEASON 2 was a gift! And for those who criticize it for being “just fan service” I challenge you to dispute the fact that Favs and Filoni keep the focus on Din and Grogu the entire time! The “fan service” serves only to challenge the beliefs of our hero, Din Djarin (aka The Mandalorian, aka Mando), and constantly creates evolution for him so that when we get to the payoffs of the final episodes of the season, it all feels earned! These moments with familiar characters also deepen the relationship between him and Grogu (I’m never calling him Baby Yoda ever again. Deal with it, Internet!). So that regardless of what STAR WARS legends are present on screen, we remember what this show is really about- the two new legends they’ve created.

And along the way, why not rectify a lot of STAR WARS OT injustices too (looking at Boba Fett!) Thus emphasizing that Favs and Filoni aren’t doing it exclusively for us fans, but for themselves as fans! The craftsmanship and deep cut attention to detail oozes of love and affection for this franchise and this universe, but also a great deal of love for their own creation as well. And that’s something we haven’t gotten with STAR WARS since a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

This is the Way (to do STAR WARS).

The full Season 2 of THE MANDALORIAN is available now to cherish on Disney+.

Mike Manalo

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