The GO-GO’S are Belinda Carlisle, Charlotte Caffey, Jane Wiedlin, Kathy Valentine and Gina Shock. They are the first all-women band formed on their own, and have a number-one debut album. They wrote their own songs, played their own instruments and blazed a trail for many women rockers to come. This Doc doesn’t really have any surprises – if you lived through the 80s, you know the band troubles – Charlotte’s heroin addiction, the bands general abuse of drugs and alcohol that would make Keith Richards blush, and the open-heart surgery for the band’s drummer, Gina Shock.

What is fascinating is their start in the LA punk scene, their resiliency and reconciliation. Why aren’t THE GO-GOS in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? GOD BLESS THE GO-GOS!

The documentary is available on Hulu.

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