TED LASSO is, without a doubt, one of my most favorite television series of all time. This week’s episode did not disappoint. It brought a tear to my eye and made me laugh out loud, even more than I usually do.

It was all about branding for the talented ensemble, but especially for Nathan (Nick Mohammed) and Roy (Brett Goldstein.) It was important for these two men to rebrand themselves and see the amazing potential deep within. But, of course, the best brand advice was to “just be yourself.” “All Kibble and Bits, aside” fame is fleeting, empty, and getting free, promotional, fancy expresso machines is meaningless in the end.

The journey throughout this chapter took the viewer on an enchanted, romantic movie quote extravaganza. The writers managed to get famous lines into the script from THE PRINCESS BRIDE, BRIDGET JONES’ S DIARY, NOTTING HILL, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, JERRY MAGUIRE, and LOVE, ACTUALLY. Clever, cool, and hilarious! The entire installment used The Rolling Stones’ sweet song, “She’s My Rainbow,” as background music. It was sheer perfection.

TED LASSO has a way of making you feel better about yourself. It is a positive force of goodwill, kindness, and love for those around you. I feel sad when the 30 minutes is over, and I have to wait another week for my Lasso fix. Kudos to all. I am so hooked.

TED LASSO is available to stream on Apple TV+.

Esta Rosevear

Esta Rosevear has been a Theatre Arts teacher and director for 35+ years, published Children’s author of the Rebecca series, and is passionate about violin, walking, and reading

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