As AHSOKA tries to “clone” the success of Dave Filoni’s superior, THE MANDALORIAN, one cannot help but notice the series is at “war” with itself. Does it serve the legions of fans who love the STAR WARS canon, or does it adapt those tales, allowing the uninitiated to understand the emotional impact of this series? Right now, it’s trying to find its balance but is stuck “in the world between worlds.”

Even with the theatrical-like action, fantastic lightsaber battles, and special effects, it’s not enough for me to fall in love with this series. It’s not nearly as bad as OBI-WAN KENOBI, yet STAR WARS stories captured in anything outside of THE MANDALORIAN and ANDOR feel like Phase IV MCU.

At one point, Ahsoka looks outward and says, “That will do.” The same can be said for this good-not-great series. “That will do,” Dave Filoni, but can we please figure out how to shift from the past canon of the STAR WARS universe and jump to lightspeed to move this universe forward?

The latest episode is available on Disney+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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