I absolutely loved the first two episodes of MOON KNIGHT and was looking forward to seeing how it progressed, but the show has taken a downturn for me. Not only was there a bit too much of an exposition dump last episode, but the show opened more mysteries that it doesn’t seem it has time to solve.  

In EP 1, we learned about Steven and Marc, two of the sides of our titular character’s personality, but EP 3 seemed to open the possibility that there might be more. EP 4 thankfully does more showing than telling but continues to ask additional questions about Marc, Steven, our hero, and the who-what-why of it all And… there are only 2 episodes left. Imagine if the TV show LOST had just ended after 6 episodes, but had left the audience with a season’s worth of enigmas to solve.

What’s good about EP 4 is the action plus some incredible production design as Marc/Steven and Layla continue to search for Ammit’s tomb. The MCU and related stories always nail the casting. They can afford to get the best of the best, and Oscar Isaac is no exception. Without him, I think the series could have entirely fallen apart at this point, but he effortlessly slides between the ever-serious American Marc and the fish-out-of-water Brit Steven. Ahh, Steven, easily the more likable of the two side’s of Isaac’s character, and his chemistry with Layla (May Calamawy) is undeniable. Another plus for THE TOMB. 

At this point, we’re supposed to believe that Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow is the antagonist, right? He seems like a murderous asshole, but I just can’t escape the feeling that everything he’s trying to tell Marc/Steven is right. I haven’t read the comics the series is based on…perhaps THE MOON KNIGHT isn’t the hero we’re lead to believe he is. 

I was excited to see directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead helming 4 of the 6 episodes. (You can see my review of their film THE ENDLESS in our Groundhog Day Collection.) With them also directing the last two episodes of the series, I’m still hopeful they can bring this story home. But right now, I’m left with so many questions and loose ends, my worry is that the conclusion will be rushed or worse: It will end on a cliffhanger that Disney/Marvel will continue in a film series. 

I really do want to trust you, MOON KNIGHT, don’t let us down. 

MOON KNIGHT EP 1-4 are now streaming on Disney+.  

Jami Losurdo

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