The latest episode of FOR ALL MANKIND intends to be about heavyweight family sacrifice, yet it focuses way too much on repeat themes like space being lonely and hard. Season 2 is now at the halfway mark and is in desperate need of original drama to keep it going.

While we wait for Edward Baldwin and Gordo to make it back to the Jamestown space station, we get space vomit worthy scenes of Tracy walking the moon saying, “looking out at space, it’s just so empty.” Yes, Tracy. Space is empty, that is why it is called “space.” 🤦‍♂️

Back on earth, we watch Gordo train to return to space dropping knowledge bombs on his kids like, “it’s not always going to be okay, sometimes shit happens that you cannot control and you realize that you’re weak.” This would’ve been riveting TV, yet this same story beat has been done with Gordo’s arc for the last four episodes. It’s time to move the plot forward.

The easiest way to summarize this week is through the new astronaut commander, Molly. She says, “things happen” when describing why people mess up. Yes, “things happen,” but not enough new things are happening to recommend THE WEIGHT of sitting through this episode.

It’s available to take up space on Apple TV+

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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