The Entertainment Industry could not function without agents, which I know firsthand because I have been a WGA Signatory agent for the last two decades. There have been a few storytelling stabs at agenting, most notably Jeremy Piven’s hilarious portrayal of Vince’s agent, Ari Gold, in the popular TV Show ENTOURAGE. But CALL MY AGENT needed to get out of Hollywood to really nail it.

Taking place in Paris, France, showrunner Fanny Herrero gives us the ASK talent agency, just as its founder dies under less than flattering circumstances while on vacation in Rio, and his long-suffering staff have to pick up the pieces and try to keep the agency solvent. Thibault de Montalembert, Camille Cottin, Gregory Montel, and Lilianne Rovere sparkle as the four remaining lead agents doing their best to keep their sanity, keep making money and keep from running screaming from the room. Their three assistants, played by the scene-stealing Nicolas Maury, Fanny Sidney and Laure Calamy expose the endless workdays lives of their underpaid heroes. I watched the entire series and Netflix was super-smart to pick this show up – it is everything a ‘dramedy’ should be – funny, smart and at times, heartbreaking.

Brilliant in so many ways, this French-language farce on Netflix sparkles with its great cast and fast-paced story-telling. CALL MY AGENT and we’ll meet for lunch at The Ivy – woops – Le Grand Colbert.

David Freedman - Just Seen It

David Freedman is the producer of all four Critics Choice Awards, a founding member of Moviefone, and a Platform and Springboard Diver

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