As we dive into the back half of ANDOR’s first season, the series shows us how politics in the Star Wars universe can be quite thrilling. It’s such a distinctly different portrayal than the prequels, you’d be forgiven if you forgot that it’s basically the same Galactic Senate.

In so many political movements of varying ideologies, you’ll find believers in incremental movement and those that just want to burn the entire system down. ANNOUNCEMENT pits these two creeds against each other. We’ve known for 45 years that Mon Mothma sits firmly on the side of the Rebel Alliance, but her Galactic Senate career is filled with finding ways to protect the rebels while wasting the Galactic Empire’s credits and time. Luthen’s plans, as we’ve seen so far, are far riskier but reap a much larger reward. Mon Mothma has always been one of my favorite Star Wars supporting characters, but I am currently on Luthen’s side. At the same time, we know Mon is in later Star Wars sagas, but we haven’t seen Luthen there, have we? 

Cassian’s story continues in ANNOUNCEMENT, but it feels like the B plot to other ongoings. He’s still our hero, but it works here to take a step back. ANDOR still keeps delivering on the espionage while showing us seemingly every single corporate job within the Galactic Empire. At this point, we just need a LOWER DECKS-crossed with THE OFFICE style animated show solely focused on Empire middle management. 

The most “un-Star Wars-y” Star Wars live-action content ever, ANDOR succeeds by how absolutely free it is to tell us new stories. Of course, Disney will still merch the sh*t out of it, but I doubt we’ll see Cassian plushies everywhere. Disney and LucasFilm execs took a chance on creator Tony Gilroy here, and it’s a shame it isn’t one of the most-watched shows currently streaming. 

ANDOR deserves your viewership. THE MANDALORIAN was nominated for Best Dramatic Series two years in a row by the TV Academy, and ANDOR blows it out of space.

ANDOR S1 EP1-7 are streaming on Disney+, and there’s a new episode every Wednesday. 

Jami Losurdo

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