RICK AND MORTY S5E9 and E10 😊/🤩

Audiences got a two-part season finale of RICK AND TWO CROWS…I mean MORTY. Here’s my take on both episodes:

It took a portal gun, two crows, and a “crow-volution” to finally bring change in RICK AND MORTY’s fifth season. At this point, I’ve complained until the crows have come home to roost about the inconsistency. Yet FORGETTING SARICK MORTSHALL is the closest that RICK AND MORTY have come to echoing the earlier seasons.

Audiences should enjoy Morty’s torturous fun as a Portal Boy and Rick’s soaring mash-up of DARK CRYSTAL meets Hot Topic.

And, always remember the SideKick Rule – “sidekicks can be replaced.”

The latest season may have come to a close, but it 100% “hit the ground running with a Citadel episode.” After the season five finale’s twists and big reveals, “everyone can shut up” and stop complaining about the past season’s episodic format.

The throwaway rebound of Crows versus Owls is a mere footnote as RICKMURAI JACK dumps a ton of exposition and canon material. If you’ve been paying attention over the past several seasons, you are going to need to “hit the reset button” and rewatch to catch all of the meta-references. Even with the big reveals, my favorite moment was a comedic scene with Evil Morty stating, “Tonight, the quality of dialogue stops mattering. Tonight, I do that thing I want to do, with the curve thing.”

Yet my nit is it’s too much all at once. It’s like Dan Harmon, and Justin Roiland knew they owed audiences backstory, so they placated us in typical fashion.

Both episodes are available on Adult Swim.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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