MAGIC ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER, the latest entry in OPNs catalogue and the Uncut Gems Auditory Universe (see also: OPN’s score for Uncut Gems🤩🤩, The Weeknd’s After Hours) is one of Daniel Lopatin’s most accessible and personal records, breaking new ground while maintaining the left-field sonics of his early work.

From pop to ambient to punk to noise, the record glides across genres like a broken radio tuner in an 80s sedan, though it never feels arduous. Magic is a
testament to Lopatin’s ability to amalgamate an assortment of collected sounds and samples to create a style entirely his own.

MAGIC OPN is out now on all streaming services via Warp Records and is best consumed front to back on a long-winding night drive or a brisk walk.

Recommended If You Like: The Safdie Bros., Online Ceramics, A24, Aphex Twin

Side note: the album artwork and LP design by Robert Beatty is some of the best I’ve seen in recent memory.

Justin Taing

Justin Taing is a lover of Ina Garten, rambles for two hours every second Monday on “Gem Radio”, and once was on a Zoom call with Tim Robinson, Japanese Breakfast, and Caroline Polachek

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