DAVE S3E1-E2 🤩

Dave, aka Lil’ Dicky is back and on a “quest to find love.” For Lil’ Dicky fans, that should be reason enough to celebrate as we watch everyone’s favorite narcissist try to become good(?).

E1, “Texas,” sets the stage for a hilarious season. As Dave gets into one situational comedy sequence after the next, it’s like watching bits of OLD SCHOOL, the college part mixed with the self-loathing aspects of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. The episode starts with an inappropriate squirm-worthy condom song and only intensifies from there. At this point, seeing Dave naked and compromised is becoming the norm.

Yet, the second episode, “Harrison Ave,” utilizes an “extraordinary” guest star (Jane Levy) to deliver one of the best episodes in the series. The amplified titular song mixed with Dave trying to capture where his life went wrong in a music video is imperfectly perfect. It’s more like watching a movie about making movies than an episode in the DAVE universe – and it works that much better for it.

The fantastic two-episode premiere of DAVE proves that even though Lil’ Dicky may have a problem growing below the belt, he just might be able to grow into a semi-good person.

The episodes are available on Hulu FX.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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