I am always excited to see an Asian man and white woman couple in film, as they aren’t super common in mainstream cinema yet (for reasons unknown to humankind, I assume). I went into Blue Bayou completely blindly without a trailer or even reading the IMDb. 

The movie starts in a poor place outside of New Orleans. The main guy, Antonio, is a Korean adoptee (only Korean by looks and nothing else) just really down on his luck. His wife, Kathy, has one kid coming, plus another young kid with a different man with who she seems not to have great relations.

You follow Antonio and Kathy through the issues low-income families may face when having a criminal record. Then suddenly, you have American adoption bureaucracy throw a wrench into their relationship.

How it ends up for them, well, naturally, you’ll just have to see for yourself. But it’s definitely a moving movie that makes you have the feels or at least has you thinking.

The main thing that bothered me throughout the entire movie was the camera. It was too shaky and seemed to have dirt in the lens all the time, which on a big screen is a big distraction. So I hate to admit I felt a bit sick sometimes while watching it. So you have been warned!

BLUE BAYOU is currently playing in theatres.

Vanessa Szajnberg

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