So…What’s the deal?

I love movies.  Similarly, I abhor knowing the plot of a movie before I see it.  What passes as a “movie review” these days is typically about 80%* movie summary with the leftovers comprising what should have been the bulk of the content.  Well, here I am to save the day- though perhaps that’s a tad bit dramatic.  This site is for reviews which don’t reveal vital plot information yet still give an appraisal of major film elements (acting, effects, score, etc.)  By the way: I CHALLENGE you to identify all five movies here…a couple of these aren’t easy.

Why haven’t you reviewed movie “xyz”?

Maybe I haven’t seen it yet (my wallet is crying these days).  One thing is for certain: there is a much better chance I’ll review something if you leave a comment letting me know you’d like a review.  Even during weeks when I have more free time, I simply can’t review EVERYTHING.

You sound kinda weird.  Does this manifest itself in any other ways?

How very kind of you to ask!  In fact, I have a pretty weird quirk.  If I’m in a theater and a trailer for a movie I want to see starts to play, I close my eyes and plug my ears.  The marketing teams that create trailers don’t really care about your experience watching a movie; they simply want to guarantee your purchase of a movie ticket.  I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the movies that trailers have spoiled for me.

Will you post guest reviews?

Certainly.  The key is that they have to fall within the standards set by the other reviews.  Read a couple of mine for a movie you have seen to understand what I’m NOT revealing.

Can I use your reviews elsewhere?

Only if you link back to this blog.

*Totally Made-Up BS Statistic…still probably accurate, though…

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