Repo: The Genetic Opera

Phantom of the Opera
Sweeney Todd
Moulin Rouge

Here…let me save you some time. If you liked any three of the four listed above, RUN to your nearest video store. You’ve got an unforgettable 90 minutes ahead of you. If not, keep reading- there may be hope yet.

Repo: The Genetic Opera is classed as a rock opera. Like a normal opera, there is little to no spoken dialogue. The music, however combines the melodic and lyrical cleverness of Sweeney Todd with the industrial riffs of Korn or Nine Inch Nails. If you like the aforementioned bands, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Therion, or even Sarah Brightman, you can stop reading and hit one click purchase. More time potentially saved….

So you’re still reading…well, a guy tries. Repo features a fantastic cast of actors and actresses. Anthony Head (Buffy’s Watcher), Alexa Vega (from Spykids, but you won’t recognize her now), Paul Sorvino, Sarah Brightman, and Paris Hilton will all surprise you (well maybe not Sarah- you knew she could sing, right?).

Visually, the film is a tour-de-force. The sets and costumes all come across as the labor of love that they are. I mentioned Saw above, however, because the film’s premise is inherently gory.

The story is both engaging and surprising, and the writers melded the plot so seamlessly with the music that the resulting synthesis is stunning.

My one and only personal problem with the film is that it descends into self-indulgent raunchiness a couple of times. It disturbs the flow of the film. The deleted scenes indicate that a good bit of this was cut, but the minute or so that survives is unfortunate.

That one problem won’t be an issue for most people that get their hands on this film, and it does little to deter my nearly unreserved admiration for and recommendation of the film. It attempts something new and daring: the synthesis of the opera concept with the industrial sound and the theatricality of Phantom.

Finally, let me make a plea. If you like the film or think you’ll like it, buy it: Repo! The Genetic Opera All people involved would like to make a sequel or a prequel, but the movie opened in very few theaters. The hope is that it becomes a cult hit such that dvd sales can fuel another movie.
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